President: Capt. Philip Knitchel
1st Vice President: Capt. Steven Toth
2nd Vice President: Capt. Ralph Emery
Secretary Treasurer: Capt. James Byrne
Marshal: Capt. Robert Haller
Warden: Capt. Richard Brown
Sentinel: Capt. Paul LaMarre III
Delegate: Capt. Harold Dusseau
Alternate Delegate: Capt. James Byrne
The Toledo Lodge of ISMA was established on February 24th 1892 with 27 founding members. Meetings were first held in the basement of the Waldorf Hotel. Other venues over the years included the Wine Cellar Restaurant, Bay View Yacht Club, the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority Offices, and most recently, Conference Room A at One Maritime Plaza. The Toledo Lodge has hosted eleven of the annual Grand Lodge conventions. The first was in 1899 at the Boody House and the latest in 2008 at the Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg. The Toledo Lodge has actively supported many local charities and nonprofit organizations over the years. Most recently we have directed our philanthropic efforts towards the restoration and operation of our local museum ship Col. James M. Schoonmaker and the Great Lakes Historical Society. Four of our members were involved with the 2012 relocation tow of the Schoonmaker to her new home at the National Great Lakes Museum at the Skyway Marina in Toledo. We have also supported The Maritime Academy of Toledo, a charter school with a nautical theme which provides prep courses for students interested in a maritime career.

We meet mainly from January to April, usually on Tuesday nights, and we annually host a Lodge dinner at a local restaurant as one of our last meetings of the season. Our Lodge currently has 20 members. Although most are licensed mariners, we do have several associate members and welcome anyone in a maritime related field or with an interest in Great Lakes shipping or maritime history to join us.

Col. James M. Schoonmaker
Benefits of International Shipmasters' Association Membership

The chance to meet with professional mariners with the same interests and concerns as your own.

A forum in which to exchange opinions and ideas on issues concerning maritime operations and safety.

The opportunity to meet with and discuss issues with industry and regulatory officials.

The opportunity to play an essential part in the future of our profession.

If you want to make a difference in your profession, or if you enjoy meeting and sharing friendship with marine people from around the Great Lakes, you are invited to join us through membership in one of the following categories:

Active Professional – is an individual who currently holds a merchant marine license recognized by the government of the United States or Canada. Annual Dues: $60 
Active Retired - An individual who holds or has held a merchant marine license recognized by the government of the United States or Canada but is now retired from active service. Annual Dues: $25  
Associate - An individual who is associated with or interested in the maritime industry. Annual Dues: $50
Associate Retired – Our Lodge has added this category for our Associates to mirror the active retired status. Annual Dues: $25
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A Notice to Mariners: "Please Help Support and Preserve Our Maritime Heritage, S.S.J.B.Ford" (click here)